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PayPal: We’re sorry. This seller doesn’t accept payments in your currency

Simply log in to the merchant account probably a sandbox account (Example: [email protected]). Then open settings page by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of your dashboard. Now, From left sidebar click on “Selling Tools” and then on “update button” in front of “Block Payments” under the “Getting paid and managing my …

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I want to work under you

hello there, Thanks for your interest. I need help in answering question in this website. can you fix students issues in react, node, MongoDB, …?

connecting backend with frontend

please be more specific about your issue. what error do you get? send screenshot and console log and terminal log to find the issue please.

MongoParseError: option usecreateindex is not supported

From the Mongoose 6.0 docs: useNewUrlParser, useUnifiedTopology, useFindAndModify, and useCreateIndex are no longer supported options. Mongoose 6 always behaves as if useNewUrlParser, useUnifiedTopology, and useCreateIndex are true, and useFindAndModify is false. Please remove these options from your code. await mongoose.connect(‘mongodb://localhost:27017/test’, { useNewUrlParser: true, // <– no longer necessary useUnifiedTopology: true // <– no longer necessary });

Ask about test cases in React like Cypress , Jest , Mocha

hello there, thanks for your interest. Testing is a crucial part of the development and also it is an advanced skill for a web developer. so there is no big audience for it. but I will try to make short videos on testing in react in general.