Build Ecommerce Like Amazon

Become an on-demand web developer in a month and apply for more than 22 million job opportunities

What you’ll learn

  • HTML and CSS including grid, flexbox and responsive design
  • JavaScript Programming to make dynamic pages like folding menus
  • React library to build Ecommerce frontend like sign-in form, shopping cart and etc
  • Node and Express framework to run web server and API endpoint
  • MongoDB and Mongoose to save and retrieve data like products, orders and users
  • Deploy web applications on servers like Heroku, Azure and etc


  • Basic knowledge of computer algorithms


This course teaches you how to develop a fully-functional website like Amazon. You will learn essential skills and tools like Node, Express, MongoDB, React and Redux to build an eCommerce website. At the end of this course, you become a web developer with a significant sample project to talk about in a job interview.

Why is it different?

  • There is a step by step guideline to code each section of the eCommerce website.
  • You need to start coding along with the instructor throughout the course.
  • There is a download link for each section and you can compare your code with mine.
  • It fits for all levels from none-coder to senior developer.
  • It helps you to deploy your code and launch your own eCommerce website.

Who this course is for

  • None-Coder
  • Beginner JavaScript Programmers
  • Web Developers and Designers
  • Business owners who want to sell products

Course Information

Course Instructor

Basir Basir Author

Hi, I’m Bassir Jafarzadeh > Udemy programming teacher with 20K students > 5 years of tutoring experience for hundreds of students in Canada > 15 years of web development experience in companies like ROI Vision in Montreal