1. ECommerce Features and Tools

Next Amazona

  • Source Code  : https://github.com/basir/next-amazona
  • Demo Website : https://next-amazona.vercel.app

Run it locally

$ git clone https://github.com/basir/next-amazona

$ cd next-amazona

$ npm install

$ npm run dev

$ Open http://localhost:3000/api/seed

$ Open http://localhost:3000

What you will learn

  • NextJS basics like setting up project, navigating between pages and data fetching
  • NextJS advanced topics like dynamic routing, image optimization, SSG and SSR
  • MaterialUI framework to build responsive website using custom theme, animation and carousel
  • ReactJS including decomposing components, context API and hooks
  • Next Connect package to build backend API
  • MongoDB and Mongoose to save and retrieve data like products, orders and users
  • PayPal developer api to make online payment
  • Deploy web applications on servers like Vercel and Netlify