Get Your

First Developer Job

Finding first developer job is very hard, because most jobs advertised requires 1-3 years of developing experience, decent portfolio and passing technical interviews.

I have been hiring developers for years and I know what is important for employers to hire a candidate. I will share the job finding tips and trick in this course.

Step 1

Create Portfolio

  • Write a 30 words pitch to introduce yourself
  • Languages and technologies you have learned
  • Lastest projects you have done
  • Your employment history
  • Educational background
  • Awards you have got

Step 2

Enrich Portfolio

  • Visit Bootcamp page

Step 3

Seek Jobs

  • Create account in
  • reverse recruiting on LinkedIn, which is basically looking up recruiters at companies I’d be interested in working at and sending a connection request with a note about how I’d love to talk more about a specific opening. It’s a well-known practice that yields much higher response rates than blind applications.

Step 4

Pass Interview

  • Read company website