How To Deliver Projects

This guide helps you to deliver projects so that I can review your code and give you feedback.

How To deliver projects

  1. Create Github Account
  2. Fork the repository
  3. Clone the repository
  4. Write code
  5. Commit and Push
  6. Send a Pull Request
  7. Apply my reviews, commit and push again
  8. Complete the project

1. Create Github Account

All projects are hosted on Github. It is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration that lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. If you are not familiar with Github download Git and Github eBook.

Open and enter a username, email and password to Signup in Github. You will receive an activation email from Github. Click on the activation link to be ready for next step.

2. Fork the repository

Open the GitHub repository of your course:

  1. basir/learn-htmlcss
  2. basir/learn-javascript
  3. basir/learn-react
  4. basir/learn-git-github

On this page, click Fork button as the image below:

It makes a copy of the repository which you can edit its files. Notice the url in the below image is different from the base repository.

Follow the above figure to get the ssh url of the repository, Click Clone or download, click Use SSH, then click the copy icon to copy the address of this repository to clipboard.

If you have not connected to Github through ssh, you get a warning like the above figure. To address this issue follow this guide.

3. Clone the repository

Open the terminal on your computer and run this command:

$ git clone ssh://<repository url>

Replace <repository url> with the url of your repository from the previous step. This command downloads repository from Github and copies all files and folders in your current directory.

* If you get a permission error, follow connect to Github through ssh.

4. Write code

Open VS Code, click “Add Folder to Workspace” and select the repository folder. You have all projects as folders on the left sidebar. Expand a project folder and open

This file includes instructions to implement the project. Follow the instructions and write your code there. After you are done save your files and be ready for the next step.

5. Commit and Push

Click on source control icon on the sidebar and follow these step:

6. Send a Pull Request

Go back to the repository page and refresh the page.

Click on Pull request on the above figure.

Click on Create pull request button on the above picture.

Then, click on the Create pull request button and send your code to me.

7. Apply for my reviews, commit and push again

I comment on your code and you get notified in your email by Github. Then you apply my comments on your code so that you commit and push again. When your code is ready I accept your pull request.

8. Complete Project

When I accept your pull request and merge your code with mine your work is done. Now you can go for the next chapter.