R&D Service (1 Hour)


“R&D Service” is a service by Basir as Contractor to accomplish a task defined by you as Employer.

Here are the rules of this service:

  • The Employer buys 2 instances of this product “R&D Service (1 Hour)” and saves the Order Id.
  • The Employer defines the task with all details and emails it to the Contractor with the title “Request R&D For Order ID: ….”
  • The Contractor works on the R&D task for 2-hours and responds to the  Employer with a Yes or No answer.
  • If it is Yes, the Contractor estimate the number of R&D Service hours to accomplish the task and The Employer needs to buy them from this page.
  • If it is Yes, the Contractor should implement the task and deliver it to  The Employer in the estimated time.
  • If it is No, Contractor can’t do the task and Employer can’t ask for a refund.

By ordering this service you agreed with the above rules.