Hi dear thank you so much for this incredible course, I’m really enjoy and love it.

i have a problem : when i tried to install the react-router-bootstrap i got a error so i installed it with this command: npm install –force react-bootstrap bootstrap

it seems that it’s work but not..

when i tried to start the site i got this message:

Compiled with problems:X
ERROR in ./src/App.js 9:0-55
Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘react-router-bootstrap’ in ‘C:\Users\Yosi Biton\Desktop\amazona\frontend\src’

in addition i can’t see the react-router-bootstrap in the package.json

can u please help me to solved my problem and continue with this awesome course?

Yosi Biton Posted new comment January 11, 2023

resolved : the problem caused because of the reducer-logger we installed with “force” command , so for now i just uninstalled the reducer-logger and everything work perfectly.
thanks again!