“Uncaught Error: Cannot include a ‘?’ character in a manually specified to.pathname field [{“pathname”:”/search?category=all&query=all&price=all&rating=all&order=newest&page=1″}]. Please separate it out to the to.search field. Alternatively you may provide the full path as a string in and the router will parse it for you.
at invariant (utils.ts:756:1)
at resolveTo (utils.ts:851:1)
at hooks.tsx:307:1
at mountMemo (react-dom.development.js:17224:1)
at Object.useMemo (react-dom.development.js:17669:1)
at Object.useMemo (react.development.js:1649:1)
at useResolvedPath (hooks.tsx:307:1)
at useHref (hooks.tsx:61:1)
at LinkContainer (LinkContainer.js:48:1)
at renderWithHooks (react-dom.development.js:16303:1)”

This seems to be the line of code that isn’t working and I have attempted to change it multiple times, yet still receive error messages ..


This is the change I have made, to fix the error created by the ? in the previous line, but as you can see below I am now being given a routing error ..

`/search category: ${filterCategory}; query: ${filterQuery}; price: ${filterPrice}; rating: ${filterRating}; order: ${sortOrder}; page: ${filterPage}`;

I am now being presented with the following error:

utils.ts:767 No routes matched location “/search category: all; query: all; price: 51-200; rating: all; order: newest; page: 1”

The same error occurs no matter what I try to search for.

Is there any solution to this?

Bassir Changed status to publish March 10, 2023

Issue has been fixed .. thank you to the students who assisted me on the Git thread.

Where can I get the answer to this problem?
utils.ts:781 Uncaught Error: Cannot include a ‘?’ character in a manually specified `to.pathname` field [{“pathname”:”/search?