I’m stuck at the start of Lesson 8, about 1:26:00, where need to install the Webpack. I found your solution that after installing on Visual Studio (npm install -D webpack-serve).
The json file included:
“webpack-dev-server –watch-content-base –open”
which is no more supported on the latest version of webpack but If I’m writing  ‘webpack serve” it works and ask me to enable the developer mode that I can create from , which includes developer mode too.

So sum up when I started type in terminal the npm start, cd frontend/ npm start, the site is loading includes header and footer, but the most important datas, from data.js are not imported.

Maybe I mistyped the path route or maybe another problem is here.

If you can help me to solve this problem let me know. Thank you.

kkaksjaudil9 Asked question November 4, 2022