Hello Basir,

I am stuck on product screen ie Mern Amazona. Essentially the video lesson 12 doesn’t work for me as it hasn’t worked for quite a few on here.

Following the lesson on product screen, when you change


changed to:


It worked for you in the video, but its not working for me.

The same with the images are not rendering.

I am using chrome devtools and i can see that there is network and data transmission up to the particular slug clicked on from homescreen, but nothing more such as product name or product image. Ironically though devtools shows reading of the data for homescreen but not for product screen.

I have also noticed seems no questions since January. Does this mean the problem is known to be solved or there is better version?

Many thanks

greg_ekhator@yahoo.com Posted new comment May 20, 2023

Sorry about this.

Its my mistake. I had a mistake somewhere ie

const product = data.products.find((x) => x.slug === req.params.slug);
if (product) {

Instead of:
const product = data.products.find((x) => x.slug === req.params.slug);
if (product) {

Thanks anyway.

At least if i get stuck again i know how to get help from you directly