Hi Basir

Thanks in advance for wonderful course, i am following it and on part20. I am trying to establish a connection with the mongodb but could not. i got the files


MONGODB_URL = mongodb://localhost/ZZZAS

import dotenv from \’dotenv\’;
export default{

i have added below section into the server.js as described in the tutorial

import mongoose from \’mongoose\’;
import config from \’./config\’;
mongoose.connect(config.MONGODB_URL, {
useNewUrlParser: true,
useUnifiedTopology: true,
useCreateIndex: true,
}).then(() => {
console.log(\”Connected to Mongodb.\”);
.catch((error) =>{

i am still unable to establish a connection with the mongoodb, when i run the npm start at the root folder , instead of the message \”Connected to Mongodb\” i am getting \”undefined\”. would you please guide me where i am making a mistake. The mongodb installation on my system shows (HOST localhost:27017).

A Raja Asked question October 25, 2022