Hello bashir first of all I say a big thank you to you and I wish you a lot of courage and strength thanks to your website I learned react from 0 and today I can brag about knowing a few things all that thanks to you! I followed all the tutorial and I even subscribed to the paid version but on the other hand I encountered a problem in my code with the seller.id command when I used it I got an error message telling me cannot read property (_id)!!!
on this line of code in cartActions on line 17:

if (cartItems.length > 0 && data.seller.id !== cartItems[0].seller.id)

and also in the shippingAddressScreen component I have the same error but which tells me this time cannot ready properdy reading(lat) when I pass my shippingAddress in the UseState on this line of code:

const[lat, setLat] = useState(shippingAddress.lat);

I’m blocked by this, my code doesn’t work anymore, yet I’ve tried everything, I’d like to succeed, I beg you, help me! 11 I really love your course, it’s my hobby!! I spent most of my entire day trying to figure it out by reproducing everything I do.

Tennyson Asked question April 22, 2023