Basir Coding Class


I am Basir, an experienced programming teacher and you should choose me because:
  • I have 5 years of tutoring experience in JavaScript, Python, and Web Development.
  • I am an author of 6 coding ebooks about HTML, CSS, JS, React, Python and Node
  • I launched a training website with 6 courses and 1000 students at
  • My rate is very reasonable and I have a discount for students.
  • I have a very flexible schedule and teach over Skype too.

Class Rules:

  • The Class is online via Zoom
  • There is 10 mins break in one hour class
  • I share my screen with you throughout the class
  • I send you the source code at the end of class

1 Hour = $45

Courses Tutored
  • Programming Languages: Javascript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, BASH, MySQL. C, PHP, Python
  • Software Architecture and Design Patterns: MVC, Flux, Micro Servers, Visitor Pattern.
  • Frameworks: NodeJS, KnockoutJS, Express, React, Angular
  • Data structures and Algorithms.
  • Unit Testing Frameworks and Testing Techniques
  • Interview Techniques.
  • Prep for Software Job Code Challenges.
Contact Information