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Hope you are fine, you are a very great person , i started my career by starting your videos like Shopping Cart etc almost 1.5 or 2 years ago. And enjoyed a lot.
Now its time to learn more and push the limits so i decided to work on testing frameworks like cypress , jest and run these runs in Dokcer , CI/CD CircleCI , Jenkins.
What i want from you ?
I want you to make these video on such testing libraries with alot of features and best practices, hope you will work on it.
Will wait for your response.
If you cannot make such videos kindly refer me some other refrence like other youtube channel or udemy type course so that i can learn more and provide the best softwares to the world.

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hello there,
thanks for your interest.

Testing is a crucial part of the development and also it is an advanced skill for a web developer. so there is no big audience for it. but I will try to make short videos on testing in react in general.

Bassir Selected answer as best October 26, 2022