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Good evening Mr Basir,

I was bought your latest Next.js Amazona course using mongo-db and tailwind on Udemy, but once I publish the project onto Vercel or Heroku or Netlify, the mongo-db fetching speeds becomes really slow.

It takes around 3-4 seconds to add a product to the cart.

Whereas, on localhost, it works very smooth and only takes about 70ms to add a product to the cart.

What could be the issue here- Mongo-DB or Vercel?

Hope that you can help me out here, as it is extremely urgent.

Kind Regards,
Aaryan Dua

Bassir Changed status to publish November 26, 2023

hello there,

send me the link of vercel app and admin user and pass to test.

I did not have this issue on the course vercel app.

Bassir Answered question October 11, 2022