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Payment time getting this error “We’re sorry. This seller doesn’t accept payments in your currency. Please return to the seller and choose another way to pay.” from PayPal.

Bassir Changed status to publish September 16, 2022

Simply log in to the merchant account probably a sandbox account (Example: someone-facilitator@domain). Then open settings page by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of your dashboard. Now, From left sidebar click on “Selling Tools” and then on “update button” in front of “Block Payments” under the “Getting paid and managing my risk” Section. Refer to the image attached.

Settings page – Screenshot

Now In the “Preferences for receiving payments” Section, choose “Yes, accept ….” for the question “Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold:”.

Preferences for receiving payments – Screenshot

That’s it.

Bassir Edited answer September 16, 2022