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So the app is dept management application system in MERN that utilizes realtime notification and chats maybe using socket.io,SMS notifications to depters.
The app should handle those who own me money and when they are due to pay if they are late to pay you send to them a notification or SMS.
The app should also handle money that I owe others and there due payments.
Also a person can have more than one dept such that when you click on a person all his depts are listed those payed and those not yet paid.
The app can have Android version[React NAtive] and web version.
The app can have login and also permission to access phone book contacts so that you can select aperson easily.
You can use Tabs to list those who owe me money and the other tab those that I owe them money.
A user can also change his profile details including image .

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hello there,

they are great features to add. thanks for sharing them

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