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Dear Bassir!

I have commented on Your Udemy MERN-Amazona project, but I am running behind a deadline and I really need to solve this as soon as possible.

I have a problem with publishing my app to heroku. The console logs “serve at localhost”  and “connected to db”, and gives no errors, but the page is simply a blank-white page. The “/api/seed” works as well, but when I load back I still get the same white page. Do You maybe have any suggestions on why it could be like this? I am kind of lost and I don’t want to start it over so close to having the basics completed.

Bassir Answered question October 12, 2022

hello there,

send me the link of heroku app to take a look. also share the heroku logs here please.

Bassir Answered question October 12, 2022
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