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I got an error in create Section Screen, it’s showing error message “Uncaught Error: Cannot include a ‘?’ character in a manually specified to.pathname field [{“pathname”:”/search?category=all&query=all&price=all&rating=all&order=newest&page=1″}]. Please separate it out to the to.search field. Alternatively you may provide the full path as a string in and the router will parse it for you.
at invariant (utils.ts:756:1)
at resolveTo (utils.ts:851:1)
at hooks.tsx:307:1
at mountMemo (react-dom.development.js:17224:1)
at Object.useMemo (react-dom.development.js:17669:1)
at Object.useMemo (react.development.js:1649:1)
at useResolvedPath (hooks.tsx:307:1)
at useHref (hooks.tsx:61:1)
at LinkContainer (LinkContainer.js:48:1)
at renderWithHooks (react-dom.development.js:16303:1)”

Bassir Changed status to publish November 26, 2023

the error is self explanatory. Uncaught Error: Cannot include a ‘?’ character in a manually specified to.pathname field you you use pathname in router it should be page address without query string. to add query string use this code:

[apcode language=”jscript”]

{ pathname: '/search', query: { keyword: 'this way' } }


mestareddy Posted new comment March 10, 2023