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Hello Basir jan 🙂

First of all thank you very much for your great course on amazon clone with MERN. I bought your complete course, finished it and learnt a lot.

I’m doing at the moment a web development bootcamp and picking ideas for my MERN project from your cours.

In your introduction Video you showed the Website with some functionality, which at the end of the course, our end code don’t include them like Admin Dashboard, writing reviews on ProductPage and so much more.
In the last lesson (33) you mentioned that we’ll continue newer stuff in next lessons. So i assume that there are more lessons.

I would love to watch other lessons, if you recorded them or at least haveing acces to the complete github files. Because the one github link, that you put in the description also doesn’t include the whole code for Admin Dashboard and etc.

Have a good dayK


Alireza Unselected an answer April 15, 2024

hello Alireza,

thanks for your interest

The complete course has 54 lessons including admin dashboard, review products, deploy on render and much more here:


after buying the course you will see all lessons.

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Alireza Unselected an answer April 15, 2024