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Hey basir I really need your help with this error I have when trying to implement the useReducer I am getting.. type Action =
{ type: ‘FETCH_REQUEST’}
payload: Product[];
{ type: ‘FETCH_FAIL’;
payload: string }..

I believe it is a typescript error, when i try to click on the error by Product[] it says ‘Product’ only refers to a type, but is being used as a value here.ts(2693), and it says the same thing for the next line of code for the fetch fail as well. type: ‘FETCH_FAIL’;
payload: string }

would greatly appreciate it if you can get back to me!

Bassir Answered question December 4, 2023

hello there,
thanks for your interest.
please share the code on github to take a look.
also check this answer to see if it works for you:

Bassir Answered question December 4, 2023