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The code is exactly the same as your repo code. Please let me know if this is because of next-auth beta version.

Bassir Unselected an answer February 7, 2024

The issue is because of some updates on next and nextauth package.
How to fix it:

  1. Install next canary or wait for [email protected] to fix the issue https://github.com/vercel/next.js/pull/61721

    $ npm i [email protected]

  2. reinstall next-auth@beta
    $ npm uninstall next-auth@beta
    $ npm install next-auth@beta
  3. remove AUTH_URL in .env:
    # AUTH_URL=http://localhost:3000
  4. add ._doc in jwt function in auth.ts

       callbacks: {
        async jwt({ user, trigger, session, token }: any) {
        if (user) {
         token.user = {
          _id: user._doc._id,
          email: user._doc.email,
          name: user._doc.name,
          isAdmin: user._doc.isAdmin,
Bassir Edited answer February 8, 2024