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sbox.stats.paypal.com/v2/counter.cgi?p=uid_8753b92f61_mje6ndy6mdk&s=SMART_PAYMENT_BUTTONS:1 GET https://b.sbox.stats.paypal.com/v2/counter.cgi?p=uid_8753b92f61_mje6ndy6mdk&s=SMART_PAYMENT_BUTTONS net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Image

Is this due to the cross -origin reading block error ?but I’m unable to resolve this issue

Bassir Answered question April 9, 2023

1 GET https://b.sbox.stats.paypal.com/v2/counter.cgi?p=uid_a198ad3716_mdq6ndu6mdm&s=SMART_PAYMENT_BUTTONS net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I have this error and the pop up says: An error has ocurred, try again later.

RECAP: i dont know what i did but Paypal pop up screen worked for my personal sandobox account!!!!

i did not change anything in the code, weird.

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you have timeout error in paypal api not in the ecommerce app. please ask it on paypal support to fix this issue.

when the paypal api is working then check the code to fix the issue.

we don’t have cross-origin issue in ecommerce app.

Bassir Answered question April 9, 2023