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sbox.stats.paypal.com/v2/counter.cgi?p=uid_8753b92f61_mje6ndy6mdk&s=SMART_PAYMENT_BUTTONS:1 GET https://b.sbox.stats.paypal.com/v2/counter.cgi?p=uid_8753b92f61_mje6ndy6mdk&s=SMART_PAYMENT_BUTTONS net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Image

Is this due to the cross -origin reading block error ?but I’m unable to resolve this issue

Bassir Answered question April 9, 2023

1 GET https://b.sbox.stats.paypal.com/v2/counter.cgi?p=uid_a198ad3716_mdq6ndu6mdm&s=SMART_PAYMENT_BUTTONS net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I have this error and the pop up says: An error has ocurred, try again later.

RECAP: i dont know what i did but Paypal pop up screen worked for my personal sandobox account!!!!

i did not change anything in the code, weird.

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